The Incidental Corridor No.579

The internal sense that all beings have is that which, through the understanding, we present to ourselves as we appear to ourselves to our consciousness. It does not represent what we are “in ourselves,” but a phenomenon of substance affected by all things external and guided by other phenomena which are contingent upon their own mediating factors; factors which unfold in space and directly affect time. Our time. Our succession through the corridors of fate and happenstance. It is through the internal sense that we cogitate the ruins of the past and reemerge as a representation of beings-in–the-world. Beings that rely on space for their mobility, and time for their modality without which the world would be a sterile, stagnant, region with negation as its core and an inharmonious substance lost in the non-essence of non-being. We can only know things internally as they come to us from outside ourselves. Thus, all internal sense is propelled by outer phenomena which, ultimately and paradoxically, relies on the internal cognizance of being to understand that which it is as it gives of itself through its apperception and intuition.

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