The Incidental Corridor of Space and Time, No.578

Space and time, as pure conceptions of the understanding, are the conditions in which objects are empirically given and, moreover, allow for the experience by which existence becomes existence through its existing. Thinking, and the object thought of, present a unity which brings experience into the synthetic manifold of intuition and culminates in a necessity that has effect and cause as its dynamic elements. Its dialectical movement propels the unconditioned consciousness into the conditioned and presents, for that consciousness, a sensual faculty of understanding through which space and time act as a necessary presence for the object of reality. It is an impossible uncertainty which gives rise to a possibility of experience. From the pure conception of the understanding, all things persist in being objects given through the synthetic manifold of space and time; a backdrop in which experience is the outcome and existence is the modem for which experience must rely. Without the condition of space and time, any possibility of representation of objects would not exist and, furthermore, consciousness would be consciousness of nothing.

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