The Incidental Corridor No.575

There are two elements connected with an existing object. One is the a priori intuition which allows for its sensibility, the other the understanding of the sense itself. The former being the transcendental form of a particular sensation. The latter the empirical form of experiencing the object and its meaning. Now meaning itself can be a priori as representing a particular judgment which infers that all matter is preexisting and understood as within a mathematical proposition. Once a thought or object enters the experiential horizon it becomes temporized and, this attachment, governed by time, as all movement and change involves time, arises as universal and eternally inclusive in that the intention is woven into the fabric of existence. Once established in its relation to all that exists, experience fulfills itself in the way of which its first constructs arose. In other words, whatever is to follow from an event, or even a cognition, is the interplay of dialectical elements that are always reinventing themselves and coming about. What is first is always last, and whatever follows is first in that it begins anew a force of predicates searching for subjects, as a stream set free of the sea from which it has voyaged.

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