The Incidental Corridor No.574

All objects sensed, or forms in space perceived as particular objects with particular qualities, are actually representations to the perceiver and not actually things in themselves. Different qualities attached to objects: taste, smell color, etc. are different to every subject. What tastes sweet to one may not taste as sweet to another. A particular shade of red may elicit different perspectives among different men. Nothing is truly as it seems, nor can it be explicitly known. It is a mere “representation” and retains an understanding, but is a sensed object which has space as its true property and nothing else. All things that exist belong to a subjective mode which is, in itself, open to all possibilities. It is an external presence given to us through our senses, formed by a transcendent conception and determined by our perceptions. The truth, or sense of it, lies with the perceiver and not with the thing itself. As a representation to our senses, we take an object as it shows itself, but never know what it is in itself.

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