The Incidental Corridor of Perception, No.572

We are all condemned to our perceptions; what we see, feel, hear, think, etc. Our experiences are perceptions within their own horizon-with-background. It is the means by which the dialectical interplay between being and world holds together and creates situations engineered by the perceiver. Subject and object cancel each other out and the result is a perceptual balance that undertakes the present and forms a “behind-the-world” sense of all objects that are both external and knowable. Objects which follow from themselves as they present themselves as extended and divisible substances; substances in the world that offer an experience to the perceiver. Without these objects the world would have no content and consciousness would be a consciousness of not being conscious of anything. Perception is experience of “being within finitude.” It is also experience of knowing that which cannot be known by any other but the knower himself. Our perceptions are all we know. Outside of it nothing exists. Not even ourselves.

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