The Incidental Corridor No.570

We exist in an eternal continuum enclosed within its own totality. Its end is its beginning. Its beginning is its end. The reason of being is logically unreasonable, yet it is always forming concepts and axioms; concepts which exist outside the sensible and, at the same time, are within it. It is through a system of reason in which being is able to exist as a being-in-the-world; a corroborating and classifying being; an intending being of substance determined through its shaping and re-shaping of intrinsic possibilities of its own causality. Being uses causality for reasoning, while causality uses being as a universal necessity. Together they form the natural order of things. Separate, they are the visibly invisible components which envelop space and time. Being is a-being-with-conscience that understands itself as a necessary form, that its space is its “here” and its time is its “there” and its future, by its unpredictability, places it in the realm of essentially being “nowhere.”

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