The Incidental Corridor No.569

The past never completes itself. It occurs and recurs throughout the present and into the future. New interpretations and meanings emerge; a revitalization takes place and “what was” is continuously consumed by “what will be.” It is a feeding frenzy of the future swallowing the past. But there are always remnants, relics of time gone by which join the present, providing, for the historical experiencer, new passages and inroads which specifically contain his unique purposiveness, his freedom, and his intentions. He designs and develops his existence through these undertakings tied to his own history. Each movement and change follows a stream of earlier moments and provides new and necessary situations which can never be considered insignificant, but are more the apodictic outcome of a being-in-time. His past is continuously giving birth; his thoughts and actions, the remuneration of his existence paid out to a future that is tainted, but is always unforeseen and unplanned.

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