The Incidental Corridor of Lonliness, No.568

The morose existence within the corridors of loneliness delineates a stoppage, or a dropping-away, from the stream of experience-with-others. The other is suddenly more vivid, more of a presence for the lonely consciousness, and represents a more meaningful world outside and an arrangement in which everything seems to fall into place without the lonely taking part. Each victory, each downfall, and each notion of togetherness exists outside the lonely consciousness. It becomes estranged and self-destructive. It is a consciousness-without-direction; a consciousness which slowly and purposefully, through its feeling of being detached, falls outside the everydayness and becomes the wounded consciousness that cannot enjoy its own solitude. For, solitude is voluntary while loneliness is not. Thus, the lonely consciousness feels “tossed-out” and unattached from the world. Within this personal feeling of disorder, the world that it beholds is its immediate transgressor and becomes a world of disdain and destruction carrying the seeds of an impending demise. It is a self-induced surrender into a personal existence that slowly becomes unreachable and unlivable.

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