The Incidental Corridor No.566

Being is being-for-another. It is an imposing of the dynamic interplay of roles and situations that make up the “we-experience.” Without it, being would have a flattened and isolated existence. Through dialogue, certain meanings share themselves through those who are interacting. These shared meanings are abstract formations of underlying thoughts ascribing a particular stand or place. Through this dialectical interplay, the speaker becomes the hearer and the hearer becomes the speaker. When one speaks he is listening to himself listening through the other. When the hearer is hearing he is speaking the speech being spoken through the speaker. This is the dialectical unfolding of a communal act in which two or more beings interact and invade each other’s time and space. Each one, through language, positions themselves within the world and, through this co-mingling of consciousness’s, creates a resulting actuality that falls into existence.

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