An Incidental Silence, No.565

Silence can show the depths of one’s spirit and communicate, in its own way, thoughts that are in the mode of authentic-being-without-speaking. As it is impossible to separate speech without thought, thought can function without speech as in visualization, images, abstractions, etc. As a communicative device, speech is the instrument in which subjects interact. Gestures are also employed and often expressed without a word being uttered. They may entail a caress, a sign of distaste, a wave of the hand, etc., which have meaning in themselves. They are speech without sound. Thoughts interact through meanings that are embedded in time. One is always thinking of the past, or the present situation, or what may or may not take place in the future. Time cannot be subtracted from thought, but, speech is always where the body is and signifies the present. It cannot take place in the past or future. It is speech-in-the-now interlaced with thought and communicating in sounds and language. To remain silent is also a form of communication in that it expresses the will of being isolated from the present situation and, moreover, to disassociate from the possibilities in play and existential result of an outcome which does not coincide with one’s specific thoughts at that moment.

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