The Incidental Corridor No.563

An inexplicable unease emerges through the gaze of another. Existence gets divided by a look cast into my world. I become an object of curiosity, interpreted and defined, as if I exist for the other and not myself. Thus, this other attains a certain mastery and control which I could never wrench away nor glean from his consciousness. His gaze encroaches upon my isolation and, by that, the feeling of self-alienation becomes more entrenched. Any shying away, any attempt at being undiscovered, is already too late as my world has been split and my thoughts conquered by guilt and shame; by a surge of despair which hadn’t existed the moment before, but now attacks through the other’s glaring offense. Within the incarnate spirit, the lines that separate the authentic from the subjective and invade all consciousness’s, are slowly erased and all that is left is the quietly trembling being who has fallen-into-into-the-world.

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