The Incidental Corridor No.564

My history is an interpretation of events framed in consciousness and moved by the search for a beginning and end, from a first to a last, a context in which particular actualities surface and the historicity, limited in its finitude, leads to the point where the present world-experience defines itself. History has no existence. It is only through my consciousness of the past that gives it life. My thoughts are reflections of earlier moments in time and shape my future through my past, my affirmations, and my struggles. The embodiment of my consciousness grasps an infinite reality limited to the finitude of my experience. To transcend experience and history is to become, for man, a time of awakening and the prelude to a new man: one who can perceive without dependence on the past, to have a consciousness no longer limited to time and space, but one that is “with” the world, and not “in the world.” Than history would become no longer informative but, rather, transformative.

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