The Incidental Corridor No.561

I am how I am by being who I’m not; anchored in a world where there is always something to do and experience; felt, willed and thought. Wherever I am, I am as myself embodied in time and represented by a past, present, and future. I’m neither an object nor an instrument used by the “self.” My body is not possessed by me nor am I possessed by my body. I am my body. A lived body existing in the narrowest of corridors and set in motion by the “when” of time and the “where” of space. I appear in the world as a project where all my actions, feelings, and decisions dwell; where the incarnate substance of which I represent coalesces with the life-world and becomes for it what it is for me. Through pure experience I lend myself to my surroundings and the synthetic totality of my existence within a concrete reality of intention and finite sensations.

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