The Incidental Vector, No.560

Each experience is the experience of something that has, within its grasp, a connective tissue, a vector, which holds a particular measure and direction together to form meaning for the experiencer. The vector is the fact of the world. It is not a derivative, nor an abstract of the experience, but is the concreteness of it. It accompanies the experience in its coalescence, directing it toward its contents and, “levelling out” that which engulfs consciousness as it relates to the life-experience, providing the meaning and the self-identical structure of being-in-the-world. The vector does not form from internal or external relations. It is not, in itself, related to anything. It only occasions itself with the world because the world is already there before the experience emerges. It provides a basis of meaning and “maps” a direction in which the experiencer seeks his course in the mode of intention and purpose.

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