The Incidental Corridor No.559

Time gets “taken up” by its dependence on crossing over itself and infinitely dividing; rising anew within each perfectly measured instant. Its contents include the subjects that are part of its concern, its observers, which give it reason to flow. This subterranean movement, which is undetectable and unrecognizable, is momentarily suspended through reflection, through an awareness of experience textured and designed to reach its own fulfillment. Its structure is its content, a machine-like-series-of-moments-and-events that particularize being and shape his horizon. And, this horizon is not only the background in which being dwells, in which consciousness uninterruptedly finds itself, but is the centralized and essential moment that envelops around the past, present, and future and carries within the “here” and “now,” soon to become “there” and “before.”

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