The Incidental Life-World, No. 553

We move through a horizon that is pre-given, that is already there. Within its scope a relevance appears through particular categories, as in physical features, species, colors, etc. This is the core of the life-world presented in its given-ness and its togetherness. The novelty of distinction is always clear, similarities and differences cohere side by side, yet there is little difference between the agents except the roles they acquire and their actions that unfold through the incidental-subjectivity-of-the-because factor. Intentions follow beliefs and, through this alliance, create roles which become the subjective causes and effects, and the motivational curves taken on by each agent. They become categories unto themselves as in political groups or parties, clubs, memberships, etc. The differences lie in the similarities and the overarching message taken on by each group down to their micro-substance by which beliefs unfurl. This is the birthplace of prodigious movements and the ideology of change; the smoking embers ready to burst into flames and become a fiery presence in the narrow corridors of the incidental. And, this reality, this subjective world preparing to alter its complexion, is already present and indifferent. It is already settled but not yet experienced.

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