The Incidental Politics of Life, No.551

Politics represents the battle between the ethical and the logical; between the goal through which society directs itself, and the subjective individuality characterized as the politics of life. History is the measure of class struggle; the economic forces which determine status, relations, affairs, situations, positions, etc. Economic experiences shape consciousness and produce a reality in which the subjects of a society find themselves entrenched. The essentiality, through which politics takes hold and secures itself as the primal mover of history, borders on the lack of something or the need for something. Within the politics of life, the intention is to transcend certain needs, to overcome the lacking, to reach a consciousness that is in harmony with its own contradiction; its own negation. Since this movement is an impossibility for, in every shape or form, contradiction does, and must exist, the politics of life is a continuous struggle with the reality it creates and, through all this, is always in conflict with its surroundings since all matter, for its immanent sustainability, must always be in motion. Politics is the modem and the motion that allows consciousness its freedom to legislate itself.

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