The Incidental Corridor of Conflict, No.550

Conflict and contradiction are inherent in all things. They are the foundation of physical and psychological nature, and exist in relations between men and their relationship with society. Reality is the outcome, and is shaped, by this conflict. It is both the arbiter, and the necessary element of truth which distinguishes one thing from another. This medium of forces, which intertwine, falls into a concurrence confined to history, since nothing escapes it and, moreover, can be complete without a background to build upon. Man’s consciousness is shaped by his experiences in the historical process and the essential activities set by his economic status. Since the economy and class structure are natural enemies of the ‘freedom of being’, man is imprisoned and immobilized by forces that are out of his control. He is then alienated by not being able to realize his own ends through the existence of the other, which is, in itself, a conflict between the “for-itself” and the other. Since the relationship between individuals is always characterized by conflict, it is in the natural occurrence of contradiction that results in all matters ‘worked out’ and intended.

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