The Incidental Corridor No.549

An experience can either be descriptive or interpretive. It cannot be both. If one were to experience a storm or a fire, he could empirically describe what was exactly happening, or interpret it in such a way as to differ from another experiencing the same incident, or even to differ from his originally described experience. Within a particular space and time, a swerve of meanings, experiences, take place. There are certain causes and motives which in some instances predetermine particular successions, yet, could never predict the inevitable outcome. Nor can a definite outcome be said to exist, or take place, since outcomes predicate new instances somewhat connected with the particularities of the action which has, or is, taking place. These ‘experiences’ set in motion, and contain within themselves systematic content divided into sequences. These contents themselves are further divided and, through their contradictory divisions, collide and connect, for they belong together in their disunity and, by transcending into a higher unity, brings one closer towards an understanding of reality.

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