The Incidental Corridor of Deliberative Destiny, No.546

Deliberative destiny is a voluntary action through which consciousness seeks what is desirable and what is infinite, in the sense that it would always exist for it, as no one would wish happiness to end nor for evil to emerge from its nothingness. It is an assimilation and self-proclamation; a favorable intensity which could be singular or directed toward others. It also is a reversed apogee directed on the-self. It relies on the agent to ‘work it out’ through the life-world. As situations unfold, experience lies open to chance and change as reality itself clings to its origins and proposes an ascertaining and consideration. This ‘experience’ is the phenomenon of a consciousness always in search of something. Its own determinations are not self-judging, nor are they suspended in space before falling into existence. Judgment is, itself, an encrypted presumption taken by others and shared though collective reasoning, however, it bears no markings for the person as he is the sole progenitor, the actuate, of a destiny he deems necessary and desirable.

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