The Incidental Object, No.545

‘That which is not’ can be brought before consciousness as an appearance, as a phenomena which not existing physically in nature, comprises a natural state of perception. In always moving towards something, whether physical or imagined, intentional consciousness is a discovering and an unfolding of which nothing can enter its ‘field’ without first entering a state of natural judgment; a preliminary movement toward something, whatever that something is, or is not. All thought is the thought of itself as existing. It is a fulfilling of its intentions through an infinitely flowing stream of experience by which the world comes to it as a state of affairs and remains so even after perception has turned toward reflection. This uninterrupted procession is the “climbing” of consciousness to an understanding of the immediate world, to an apprehending which takes on meaning through a self-establishment of facts. Yet, what we perceive is not always necessarily what ‘is.’ All sides of an object cannot be seen at once without moving around it and observing from a different perspective. It’s the same as looking upon space. We see one side of the universe, the clear and seemingly infinite stretch of emptiness inhabited only by stars and planets, etc. The alternate, or other, side of space remains hidden and impossible to perceive, except in the imagination or through complicated concepts that few can comprehend or decipher. And, of those concepts, they are mere speculation, theory, implying facts through intuition. The objects in the universe lure the observer into a temporary, sensory, fulfillment and exist through observation; come to life out of the depths of the unseen. Once the attention moves away, they can only be reflected on, surmised, interpreted or theorized.

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