The Incidental Corridor of Thought and Experience, No.543

A thought comes to form in the matter of experience. An experience cannot exist outside of thought, therefore thoughts are limited to the language in which they are represented. One cannot have a thought which is outside its ability to experience or linguistically explain it. An experience which is, in itself, a structure, is limited to the language in which it is being thought of. It is also limited to one agent, and could never be shared in its original affirmation nor occupy a realm of the mysterious, since the only mysteriousness that would exist would be its not-existing. Deception can be a product of thought, a halting an inexplicable experience which leads towards the unimaginable, yet, it is only unimaginable to that particular someone and, therefore, remains so within the realm of its not being able to be imagined by that someone, or by someone else. Language and thought limit each other and are predicated on experience. The outside of experience is unthinkable. An unthinkable experience is impossible.

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