An Incidental Intentional Thought, No.540

There exists a harmony between thought and language and the reality that comes about, or intended, through one or the other. Statements are made in a way that beliefs and results of beliefs create differences in similarities and similarities in differences so that all intentional positions unfold through mental descriptions. For instance, if A is equal to B, and C is equal to B, than A and C are equal. However, this does not exclude what C or A, or B, for that matter, may contain within their structures which are not mentioned and which may exist through another formulation, as in there are some parts of A that have elements of D, and there are some parts of B that have elements of E. Although A and B are equal, it can mean either the particular elements added up equal each other, or are equal only through the immediate recognition of the figures A or B and, intrinsically, there exist particularities which, when put side to side, are not related at all. Intentional objects are experienced through spatial extension and connected through their concomitant structures, however, they can also be mentally contrived to produce differences that are only differences in the manner in which they are thought of and not through their real being-in-itself.

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