The Incidental Corridor No.539

The contents of an experience, as unintended contents, may be different than the original intending, but will always belong to it. All experience ties together as one experience. The intentional experience relates to its surroundings and could never breach the boundaries which contain it. A consciousness cannot be conscious of what is not within its own intended experience since, by ruminating what possibilities may exist outside the evidential, it is still conscious of those particular possibilities. It cannot escape itself, nor can it be other than what it intends. It may be pointed out that Mrs. Brown is present and she is in charge of the English Department. Alternately it can be said that the Head of the English Department is present. The latter is as true as the former, however, the intending statements are expressed differently. The truth resides in both. Therefore, all experience is related, physically and mentally within the experience as intended. It is only the way the intended expressive experience develops which holds together the indifference of an indifference.

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