The Incidental Corridor No.538

A psychical phenomena can be described as a mental activity in which an intentional object is referenced. When thinking about the Brooklyn Bridge, it is perceived mentally as being there and so be the intentional object of experience. The fact that it is not there does not exclude it from existence, it merely suggests that particular bridge could be perceived without any reference as to its truth or not. Also, it does not prove that such a thing exists since it is only an intentional psychological reference to an object that is not present. Now, standing before this bridge and experiencing its reality, differs from mentally thinking of it. Its significant features are altered by its presence and the peculiarities it exhibits are more pronounced than the mere mental perception of it. It no longer is what it before was intended to be. In fact, it can no longer be an intentional object since it stands in full display and provokes other thoughts and other images which before were in-existent. When the thought of it was present, it was represented by that thought, as in judgement something is judged, and as in love, something is loved. Therefore, all intentional objects are related to psychic phenomena and once apprehended in reality, become ‘attended’ and no longer ‘intended.’

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