An Incidental Corridor of Intentionality, No.537

Intentionality is a necessary feature of all psychical beings and, with it, creates peculiar experiences which play out. Moreover, intentions are “beyond being.” They fall into a class of phenomenon that relate to language, expression, mental activity, etc., and are separate from the physical realm. They are experiences which are individually dependent on, and revert to, all thoughts and apprehending. I can say that I intend to ride the red bike which is standing against the wall. However, as I approach it, someone has come by and taken it leaving only the blue bike. My intentions were negated by a physical activity out of my control, therefore, intentional activity is nonexistent. It has no standing . It is only the intention of the intention which holds any semblance of a physical nature in which the intending consciousness enters into peculiar boundaries but, during the event, becomes a correlate and a contextual content of an unintended reality. Through this ‘twist’ of physical nature, the experience becomes an experience furthest from the first thought that had initially been imagined, and intention falls into a swirling mass of thoughts lost to memory.

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