The Incidental Corridor No.536

In order for consciousness to be conscious of anything, it must intend towards something, e.g. experience. Each experience is an intending, it’s a moving forward into a consciousness that recreates itself indefinitely. It moves from the concrete, the real presentation of entities, to the abstract which holds for consciousness a possibility and an intention towards experience. Consciousness needs other objects to be conscious of anything; it needs self-confirmation and, also, a sense that its experience is universally understood. Nothing exists outside of consciousness. Consciousness is the outside. It understands itself through itself and maintains a peculiarity which no other subject, or consciousness, can share; an individuality which both separates and enjoins; which penetrates and withdraws. It directs itself toward all possibilities but works within the framework of chance and essentiality. It is a self-causing, self-effecting, incontrovertible force that is neither here or there. It just “is.”

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