The Incidental Interpretation of an Object, No.535

Perception follows a self-certainty of observable contents in which the object perceived, or observed, occupies an endless realm of divisibility that is open to abstraction. A tree, for instance, is the object at hand and its contents or “pieces” can be interpreted or asserted throughout. And these abstract moments exist simultaneously with all that see the same tree. The only self-evident thing at hand is the tree itself. All else is subject to interpretation, imagination, doubt and certainty. Which observation is the ‘truth’ of the object is the only uncertainty and differs from one observer to the next. It is with all objects that exist. They are open to judgment and laid bare in their essence, becoming for all that perceive, an intuitive-intending, an act-moment, embracing its own ‘parts’ and revealing different similarities which become a determining mode of reflection. And it is with the contents of experience which ‘play out’ and produce subjective thought-substances that lead consciousness astray,turning its gaze from the real into one that is wrought with an immediate hypostatization.

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