The Incidental Sphere of Familiarity, No.534

Familiar contents and substances which we recognize in an object are not really in the object itself. In other words, the object’s color or form which we apprehend as being ‘there’ are not there at all. Their contents connect to things we are familiar with as in “its pieces.” We see the white of snow, a house, a sheet of paper, etc. and attach to these objects the familiar color of white even though it does not make snow what it is, make a house to stand, or a sheet of paper covered in writing. Its properties are abstract elements that attach themselves and keep a particular nuance above and beyond the object itself. To say the snow is of white, or the moon is of whiteness, would be absurd. The sphere of familiarity isolates differences which group together into resemblances. And, through these similarities of differences, connect reality in a straight line by not flying off into some fictitious realm where only imagination would be the guiding force.

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