The Incidental Corridor No.532

If an object vanishes from existence, all of its contents or attributes, vanish along with it. One cannot be without the other. A house cannot exist without walls. A wall cannot exist unless it is holding up, holding back, or providing a type of purpose of a wall. An attribute, in itself, may exist independently, determined by its own attributes. All qualities of content are, a priori, efficient modes of individuated concepts which eventually must, by their own abstract nature, form into something. These particulars, however, are not the drawn to attentive contents. We do not look at a statue and generally think about the origin of its materials. We also cannot associate a certain object with a particular time and place, where each passing moment would change it from what it is. All things are unities of a multiplicity. They are changeless forms intended by particularities which, in themselves, contain their own attributes. What completes itself is a species generated by the abstract complexities of its being. It is so abstract that any attempt to put it into context unavoidably leads to a wider range of ideas and concepts that may, or may not, become entities of their own. Consciousness is always conscious of something but, generally speaking, is not necessarily conscious of the fabricating elements of what it perceives, only what-is-itself-for-itself.

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