The Incidental Corridor No.531

To separate out an object and point towards its attributes as being in common with other objects, is to say that it has all or none of these properties at once. It only apparently does so through its appearance. As these objects present themselves they are not ideas channeled through inner perception, nor are they universal in that they contain universal properties. They are ‘presentations’ conceived as they are ‘apparently’; as they seem to us and not imagined. As all properties of an object (a tree, house, etc.) are inseparable from their common contents, of which these contents cannot exist without each other, they can still be separately explained and ‘sorted out.’ A horse can be a particular shade of color, but it is not a specific content that makes a horse a horse. Although the horse can exist without a certain color, that particular color cannot exist without the horse’s presentation of it. Specific properties, therefore, are exterior elements that attach themselves to particular objects and transcend the object towards a meaning-fulfillment which has, for the observer, a perception that is singular in its appearance and phenomenal in its nature. Species, in general, exists as species sharing qualities and characteristics, universal attributes and properties that result in intuitive percepts of inseparable similarities.

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