The Incidental Corridor No.530

What fills content and what is content is dissimilar and subjective while also being empirical and self-fulfilling. We give descriptions and enunciate certain specific notions which are universal and general, but, concurrently are personal, as in the case of pointing to a dwelling wherein a family of shoemakers resides. One can say that the family exists to do the same tasks, to share tools and knowledge, while another can point out that the family just happens to share a vocation which places them together and sustains their cause. Different meanings conjure different attributes, yet eventually fall within a similar rubric which is identifiable through their immediate effects. A bridge crosses a stream to give safe passage yet exists to demarcate two separate banks of sand. What “is” and what is “meant” is identifiable through the identifier and is not solely limited to one particular definition. Different attributes relate to one specific cause, while a cause, or effect, may contain one specific attribute that, without it, could not exist nor even be imagined.

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