The Incidental Unity of Possibility No.529

All individuality unites in meaning that has, as its possibility, an individual specificity which is endless. And, this unity is itself one of multiplicity where an object is specifically represented as opposed to its meaning or what it represents. We can point out an individual and say that he or she exists. And, further on, they exist as a statesman or teacher or laborer. Their possibility represents meaning. But, their meanings hold unlimited possibility. They are either this or that, or something altogether out of the realm of possibility, which is not specifically impossible but generally unattainable. The distinction between an ‘object’ and what an ‘object is’ is the difference between representation and meaning. Since all possibility is endless, it must, by its own nature, reach a point where it evolves into a specific meaning, or it would not be a possibility, nor even an impossibility. It couldn’t exist to begin with. And, this limit, this point of specific determination and representation, is the dividing line between thought-content and that which exists beyond the imagination since man’s cognitive powers are, in effect, limited by what could be rendered as a possibility or impossibility.

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