The Incidental Corridor No.528

A concept can fulfill itself through the force of its meaning and need not be accompanied by an illustrative or descriptive character. It requires reason as its active-attribute and through a pre-existing supposition, which has as its foundation an a priori element, comes to an understanding which has relevance and direction conceived through its own awareness. It is true self-fulfillment and a knowing which brings “meaning” to itself and is a necessary judgement that guides thought, as an object is guided through a narrow cleavage before it emerges, concurrently, in a realm which holds its own singular negation. In other words, a concept is a self-truth if it can produce its own opposite and not leave open any question as to its descriptive character or, moreover, as to a judgement which could unveil a number of new judgements and particulars. Reason possesses two sides: One is truth. The other is non-truth. Concepts are the character of reason, whether their results hold positive or negative connotations with everything else..

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