An Incidental Perception No.526

Through an expression different attributes come into play. One would be its utterance or the signaling made and the other is the meaning ‘expressed’ through a firm explanation. We use expressions through words and images which contain objects and objects-meaning. Once expressed, whether the object exists or not, it takes on a meaning and content, a form of knowledge attained through an understanding qua comprehending and, further on, produces and re-shapes itself through its own representation. The expression that “a tree is standing in the forest” produces the image of a simple object. With a more significant and meaningful expression, as in the “tree stands alone in the forest, surrounded by other trees. Its top is hidden in a mist that rolls down from the mountains,” it takes on multiple properties and becomes a living essence seen from itself by showing itself and, the further on that its qualities and attributes are ‘pointed out,’ the more significance it attains. It relates to the observer differently than before and makes its ‘mark’ in the content of its meaningful image. It becomes an object of content. And the closer the relationship with the object, the more it expands into an endless realm of expression.

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