The Unity of the Multiplicity of a Singularity No.525

The objects of intention don’t remain objects as such, as they exist in their peculiarity and character, but through their ‘meaning-intention’ are fulfilled in thought and addressed with circumspection once they become a point of interest. A forest of trees exists, is there in the world. One may focus on a single tree, leaving the others on the periphery and in the background of thought; a blurred presence which is not accountable. And, this tree, as a singular presentation, is the focus of the thought-content and, by its presence, goes from a broad presentation into a single interest; an object defined solely by the attention upon it, as it otherwise would be one of many lost in the ambivalent wave of simultaneity and color. It enters experience not only in imagining its existence, but physically differs from the observer through its own intention. The thought-content, once only imagined, becomes fulfilled by the object’s presence and forms a unity of the multiplicity of a singularity in that it becomes one in a world of many which is immediate before being mediated within a single consciousness.

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