The Incidental Corridor No 514

Truth is relativistic in the sense that it applies to personal experience. Yet, it is all one factual truth and could not be separated from the cosmic experience, nor can it be true for one and false for another. It is ‘in itself’ and not subject to change based upon one’s observation or judgement. It is constant, unambiguous, and unchallengeable. The world is self-evident and is its own truth. Consciousness pertains to this world. If one points out a tree or a house, it is a tree or a house for every being. Its perspective would differ but its existence unopposed. All intent is the want to fulfill a truth. A truth that lurks within all creatures with a reality that is ‘their world.’ But, the world is the same for all and any changes or conflicts borne by a person could never challenge truth, nor form into defying a fact which would be unrealistic and completely delusional.

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