The Incidental Yes, No, and Contradiction No.511

A rational mind could never take something as true and not true at the same time. Belief in one thing contradicts a non-belief, and if one comes across a supposition that includes more than one set of laws, than only one interpretation exists which is never concurrent with its opposite determination or an altered state of belief. Now, two separate consciousness’s can find separate truths involving a single subject. But what is true for one is not necessarily true for the other. Others could make determinations about a single notion, belief, judgement, etc., which holds a truth or falsity that relates only to the one consciousness. Moreover, facts, being interpretations, become rearranged, altered, conflated and so forth, but are factual to one and held as the truth. The only contradiction must come from another. It cannot be within the same consciousness. In all judgements, the positive excludes the negative. A determinable difference may exist, but cannot exist simultaneously.

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