The Incidental Corridor No.510

When faced with generalizations stemming from experience, one must consider the natural undertaking of facts. But facts are byproducts of experience and offer a singular aim; a standard response viewed as positive or negative which, if one exists, the other, by necessity, cancels out. This formula applies to temporality which is, in itself, a formula of existence. But, in the realm of pure concepts, within which the pre-logical exists, an incandescent movement of concepts arise, positive and negative insights are one and neither can defy the other. What appears is an outcome that merges into actuality. And, in order for this emergence to take place, belief cancels out disbelief and truth rises above falsity, thus, experience takes on a life of its own while it throws being-into-the-world to face a multifarious reality of lightness and darkness; sound and silence; highs and lows, and all potentialities which favor, or disfavor, his existence.

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