The Incidental Presentation No.505

Judgements originate through presentations but, however, are not necessarily relatable. A judgement in itself is true or false and a presentation is always interchangeable. For instance a house is viewed, or presented, from the front. When walking around the house differences appear in changing presentations. Although the house is the same it “shows” itself from different sides, different angles. The judgement that the house has a wall on all sides is a true judgement which is not at all related to its presentation. To say that it is held together by the one side being observed is false, although it is presented from that one side. A judgement can be turned into an act of nominalization, as such, “the house is white” corresponding to “the house is being white.“ From this specific act new declarative judgements are made and can go ahead indefinitely. The statement that “the house is white and is being white with four
walls,” creates abstract possibilities interchangeably infinite, yet always subject to a true or false judgement.

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