The Incidental State of Affairs No.503

What is a “conferring upon” and a “knowing” is the meaning behind a thought or occurrence; a vast underside of activity undertaken by the “self” and its first person viewpoint. The state of affairs, which is a momentary alliance between consciousness and reality, reaches an apex where nothing more can occur; the thought or activity is complete and fully exhausted before moving on to the next stage and faced with new possibilities. In the pursuit of fulfillment, consciousness must always distinguish what is true for it and what is within this truth. In other words when facing a house the potential of a window being opened plainly exists. However, the chance that the house may turn into a tree is nonexistent. It brings to an end that consciousness which delivers its apprehending to a point of fulfillment and knowledge. Thus, the state of affairs is a meaning and a possibility surrounded by the truth. And, within this truth, experience serves as a predicate for conscious activity and a corridor into a new state of being.

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