The Incidental Community No.492

A community of intentions and intuition, brightened or dimmed, raised or lowered, join together as strata of similar experiences, of notions, which represent particular acts and are derivatives of a collection of content; ex: contents of value, of joy, of hatred, etc. These strata of multiplicity residing in relatable definitions hold, for the cogito, direction and intention toward fulfillment that creates and aligns experience. Within the corridor changes take place, but all are essentially directed towards the same end which is act-fulfillment. Thus all experience taking place in the form of experiential reality, seeks, for the subject, an enduring essence in the compact of existence, presented as closure or finality. And, this finalization leads toward newer and yet unfulfilled penetration into concepts that, for the cogito, allow it to flourish and escape the confinement of the-self.

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