The Incidental Background No.445

Each act carries within itself its intention and belief in its undertaking. This belief presages the act and emerges from the background of consciousness where the laws and forces of understanding are stirred and awakened. It is the “bursting forth” of a potentiality set in motion; a course of action which, once placed, eventually becomes neutralized within the realm of reality, but in its settling, forms a singular moment of existence that is forever implied; a history of itself lingering into eternity. Moreover, within every act lives its shadow, its counterpoint, which being without, the act itself would lack meaning and purpose; would be directionless and dissolve into mere silence. From the background of consciousness, where understanding forms and possibility gives birth to actuality, its counterpart, framed by a mirrored moment of reflection, is simultaneously raised and met so that all meaning can exist and the incidental act can be validated.

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