The Incidental Corridor No.491

An object or thing is always perceived within its own “environment.” Its actuality, once apprehended, is immanent and posited as that which belongs to the landscape, or the background, of the perception. It is the “real” of the glance that captures it and turns it from “what if” into “what is.” However, once the intention turns from the object it becomes an image or a copy of itself; no longer fastened to the real; no longer immanent and immediate. It enters the realm of reflection and recollection and becomes an object of the imagination. It turns from “fact” into “fiction.” The “environment” that surrounded it is still present but slowly recedes into reflection as time-consciousness, grounded in reality and perpetually reflexive motion, encompasses all and nothing at the same moment while guiding Being toward an unalterable realm of possibility and newly formed actuality

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