The Incidental Corridor No.489

Every moment consists of a “modality of being” which ascribes infinite changes of a “this or that.” These modes of consciousness arise out of what is and what is not; establishing an affirming or denying, positing or negating. When something is not-being, it is negating being. Therefore being is, in its affirmation, a “not-not being.” A negation is always negating something and it is this something which, through the negation, is actually posited as that-which-is-not. This is the same as perceiving an object. There exists a reality for the perception (taken as is from the positional standpoint) and, also, the object in the “real” world. It forms a duality which, in one instance exists “out there” in the physical realm, while opening itself up to being denied, being rejected as to its truthfulness. Once something enters the perception it becomes that which it is not while remaining that which it is in the “real” world, and through this modality of being and not-being, falls prey to the intentional consciousness as to its “standing” or its disappearance through reflection.

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