The Incidental Conception of Signification No.488

All objects and experiences have value. Some are more significant than others, but all signify something. Every “real” object possesses for consciousness a graded meaning. It is incidental to the “consciousness-apprehending” which determines the specific grade of value to an object or experience, and applies it so. Through this “consciousness of values” the object goes from a thing-in-itself to a thing-for-itself-for-consciousness. It enters a different phase of being, an alternate corridor which is the corridor of the un-real, since it pertains to its essential worthiness and not only to its essential being. The consciousness which grades the object, or experience, is a consciousness that has shifted from one mode of being to another. It has redeemed an actual existent out of its static positing within the universal manifold, into an object of the will; a significant expression, through an incidental conception, within the infinite mode of essential being.

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