Incidental Musings No.486

The alternating modes of experience laid out this way and that, taking in distinct and non-distinct meanings, sustaining consciousness in a state of constant intention, holds a basic truth within itself; a truth which, by its very structure, is never known or seen, but is interpreted, correlating with “the experience” of all matters and all that is free to matter.
We may look upon, ply through or imagine an experience, and it is always meaningful, always subject to explanation and, in some way, always lingering. There cannot exist a moment without significance or a lifetime without cause as every object pressed against us, every stage which carries a meaning of itself gleaming like a perfect light, is constantly changing and reborn; infinitely distributed throughout the world as a self-spirit, which is, by its very nature, untamed, unbridled, and through its residuum, the cause of itself and the force of its own substantiality.

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