The Incidental Corridor No.480

Being sees the “now” as self-fulfilling, using what is in it as experience and reflection containing all “nows” and all instances. It doesn’t hold any particular experience except that which it reflects on. It comes to being as being loses itself in the world. Time taken in the experience is truly invalid and retains no “real time,” as this would be analogous to attaching reflection to time. An experience is re-lived, looked at, brought to mind, but does not keep that particular moment, as all moments happen in the continuously “changing now.” The only change through the “now” is its content. As experience is one stream, one fluid ascending mode of a restless consciousness, it follows from itself and forms naturally in a realm of causality; a constantly self-rejuvenating modality unfettered by any single experience and unaltered as a continuous unfolding. Each moment follows from its earlier moment which followed from its earlier moment, and so forth. And, those moments come to light as reflective experience. Moreover, what lies ahead for the transcendental consciousness, has within it the immediate consciousness of which it was aware, “before now.”

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