A Primordial Corridor No.476

All things are primordially given. However, their clearness is obscure and nearly inscrutable. To comprehend the essential meaning of an object, to understand its essence, a suspending of its transcendence must come into play so that the intuitive grade of its self-given-ness could rise to a perceptible level of cognition and stay there long enough so that the “glancing” consciousness could discover that which is hardly thinkable, which is its removal from the everyday natural order of the world. This true essence, which is the inner-ness, its primordial state, follows back from its reflection and into itself when its presence is given and, moreover, seeks its own beginnings in its own given-ness by its suspension in time as it is apprehended and perceived. This point is the beginning of its transcending into conscious experience, but only from that consciousness is it brought to fruition when, otherwise, it would remain empty and not giving of itself to presentation.

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