The Un-Real Corridor No.474

When consciousness “enters” the world it abandons its immanence and becomes “state of consciousness.” It transcends material Nature by leaving the un-real and becoming real in bodily form. Moreover, through this transcendence it takes part in space and time as the joining of body and consciousness which, by its commonality, relates to every living man or beast. We hold certain truths as beings and, belonging to physical Nature, are subordinate to and abide by its peculiarities and determinate borders. It lays hold of the “conscious-body” and relates to it. Thus, consciousness lends itself to the world while Nature, as its common ground, becomes a focal point where all psychophysical beings take part. And, from the point of the un-real, where spirit has yet to lunge forward into consciousness, emanates the absolute essence of infinite possibilities; a reality balancing along the incidental corridor of choice and destiny.

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